Pranic Healing Boston


To alleviate suffering and strengthen the hearts and the will to do good of humanity, by making Pranic Healing accessible to everyone, everywhere.

The Center for Pranic Healing Boston was created to educate, heal and empower people in Boston, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Vermont through MCKS Pranic Healing, Meditation on Twin Hearts and Arhatic Yoga.

This is your center for Service, inner healing, physical healing, meditation, abundance, prosperity and spirituality.

We host Pranic Healing Workshops, Meditation on Twin Hearts events, Full Moon Meditations, Pranic Healing Clinics, service throughout the community and collaboration with Universities, Organizations and Businesses to bring health, success and well-being into daily life. We are happy to go to your organization, corporation, Yoga studio, business, home, church or event to discuss the benefits of Pranic Healing and meditation.


Christian Verde, Founder and Instructor