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*Pranic healing can help you restore your body, psychological state, relationships and finances to an optimal state*

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Heal your body.

Schedule a session to restore your physical body.

*Please Note: Pranic healing is not intended to replace orthodox medicine but rather to complement it. We work together with doctors of western and eastern medicine.


Heal your mind/relationships.

Schedule a session for psychological healing, and relationship healing. These sessions promote forgiveness and healing of the emotions and the mind.

*Pranic Healing works together with psychologists, psychotherapists and mental health professionals.


Heal your home/business.

MCKS Pranic Feng Shui uses the environment outside and inside your home or business to increase the energies of prosperity, teamwork, productivity, healing, and spirituality.

Create a personalized action plan to take your home and/or business to the next level.

  • PRANIC HEALING® practitioners are not licensed physicians or surgeons -- unless they have already learned PRANIC HEALING® after receiving an MD degree.

  • PRANIC HEALING® treatments are not licensed by any state. They are complementary to any state-licensed healing practices or services.

  • PRANIC HEALING® is a highly developed system of energy based healing techniques that utilizes prana to balance, harmonize and transform the body's energy system by cleansing, energizing and balancing the body's bio-electromagnetic field, or aura.

  • PRANIC HEALING® practitioners do not physically touch the client's body, diagnose diseases, prescribe any drugs/substances or make any health claims or guarantee any outcomes.


"Christian is a very kind, but powerful healer. His energetic touch is soft, but deep and strong. I have had wonderful benefits from his healings for my insomnia. I struggled with sleepless nights for many months, but after his healings, I was always able to sleep deeply and wake up feeling calm and peaceful. I highly recommend Christian — Anonymous


"I was experiencing strong anxiety and uneasiness when I saw Christian for a healing.  He is very thoughtful, empathetic and attentive and asked helpful questions about what I was experiencing.  Soon after the session started I felt relief from some of the anxiety and my nerves began to calm down.  By the time the session ended I felt very calm, relaxed and also energized.  It was a big improvement from how I was originally feeling which was a huge relief for me.  I would definitely recommend Christian as a healer to anyone interested in Pranic Healing. " — M.S.