Christian   Verde

Christian D. Verde grew up in Dorchester and Chelsea Massachusetts in a home full of love and the golden rule. Formally baptized Catholic he grew up with the privilege to explore different forms of religion. Through seeing and seeking a way to connect spiritually he found many similarities in the different religions. When he found Master Choa Kok Sui’s Meditation on Twin Hearts and Pranic Healing the golden rule was taught in the very first course. He found his home. He started Pranic Healing in 2011 in San Diego after being invited to the meditation on twin hearts. Combining his love of life, study, music, dance, swimming and martial arts he uses his creativity to guide you towards inner peace and healing.

He is an Associate Certified Pranic Healer, Licensed Instructor and has a private practice of Pranic Healing in Massachusetts. He teaches MCKS Pranic Healing in Massachusetts and New Hampshire. He Founded the Center for Pranic Healing Boston, LLC in 2018 and co-founded Atlanta Pranic Healing Center, LLC in 2014.  

Working with Master Co, Master Glenn, Master Marilag and Master Hector he has learned how to connect with his audience in depth, the will to do good, humor, love and upliftment. He currently guides meditation in Boston’s financial district, Dorchester’s 4 Corners Yoga + Wellness and in colleges. He is very passionate about MCKS Pranic healing, Meditation on Twin Hearts and Arhatic Yoga and loves to share these teachings.